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If you catch the person in a number of lies, this can be another sign that they are a sociopath. More »

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The Use of CSEM and the Exploration Challenges in the Vøring Basin (Norwegian Sea), Aristofanis Stefatos, Alexander Vereshagin, George Vardoulias, Stein Kjetil Helle, Torolf Wedberg, and Susanne Sperrevik, #11040 (2018). Characteristics of the Utica Black Shale in NY and PA: Black Shale Blanket or Complex Facies Mosaic? A Model for Single-Phase Migration of Trenton-Black River Hydrocarbon in the Southern Michigan Basin, Ron De Haas and Timothy Brock, #10306 (2011). An Analysis of Pre-Tertiary Plays in Matimekhana-Deohal Area - A Case Study from OIL's Operational Area in Northeast India, Koustav Dasgupta, Saqueba Samin, and Bhagwan R. Formation Mechanisms of Stratigraphic Reservoirs Below Hydrocarbon Source Rock in Depression-type Lacustrine of Continental Rift Basins – Upper Cretaceous Stratigraphic Reservoirs in South Songliao Basin, China, Shi-zhen Tao, Cai-neng Zou, Zhi Yang, Xiao-hui Gao, Xuan-jun Yuan, and Li-zhong Song, #10302 (2011). Classification and Characterization of Barrier-Intercalations in Sandy Braided River Reservoirs of HE Oilfield, Sudan, Guoliang Zhao, Longxin Mun, and Tianjian Sun, #20283 (2014). Natural Fracturing of the Canol Formation Oil Shale: An Unconventional Spin on the Norman Wells Oilfield, Thomas Hadlari and Dale R. Upper Monteith and Lower Beattie Peaks Formations at the Sinclair and Albright fields in West-central Alberta: Some Views into the Reservoir Properties, Nisael Solano, Chris Clarkson, Federico F. Upper Grand Rapids Formation in the Cold Lake Field, Alberta, Liliana Zambrano, Adam Coderre, Jalal Douraghi, Per K. Albian-Cenomanian Stratigraphy and Petroleum Systems, Eagle Plain Basin, Yukon, Kevin W. Geostatistical Inversion in Carbonate and Clastic Reservoirs: Oilfield Case Studies from Kuwait, Osman Al-Khaled, Yousef Al-Zuabi, Keith Edwards, Mohammad Hafez, and Denny Sulistiono, #20239 (2014). Geomorphology, Facies Character and Stratigraphic Architecture of an Ancient Sand-prone Subaqueous Delta: Upper Jurassic Sognefjord Formation, Troll Field, Offshore Norway, Stefano Patruno, Gary J. Integrated Seismic Characterization and Reservoir Modeling of Neocomian Fluvial System for Water Injection: Tengiz Oil Field, Republic of Kazakhstan, Elrad Iskakov, Steve Jenkins, Zhanat Kabdesheva, and Henry W. Strontium Isotope Evolution of Produced Water in the East Poplar Oil Field, Montana, Zell E. Application of Pre-stack Seismic Anisotropy for Fracture Detection, in Oseil Field Carbonate Reservoir, Seram Island, Eastern Indonesia, Anggoro S. More »

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We're told that many of the best business ideas are developed in the pub, and this is where we were in 2006, mulling over the changing perception of online dating sites and their increasing popularity in urban areas, when we came up with the idea for Muddy Matches. More »

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Responsible for plenty of late-night gaming sessions and many players' most embarrassingly long Activity Log entries, the 3DS' proud stable of RPGs is a huge part of the system's appeal, and its legacy is worth celebrating. More »

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Pages xviii and xix contain a Table of the Scottish Kings from 1005 to 1625. General Register House were made, it might be found that Robert I. More »

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Photographs of members of the British Free Corps in uniform are fantastically rare - the last was found 30 years ago. More »