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This is especially true for those people seeking long term relationships (LTR) since they are looking to invest in their relationship heavily.

Other articles discuss and describe, often in a humourous fashion, Asian women, Asian life, Asian culture, Travel in Asia and many other topics that relate ultimately to finding, meeting, dating and loving your own special Asian Match.

First, we try very hard to discourage people from joining who are not looking for partners but are merely seeking short term flings, cybersex or one night stands.

People seeking strictly those types of online experiences are not approved for membership by us.

Instead of pretending Scammers don’t exist we promote membership reporting of any suspicious activity.

When a member does report we investigate fully and if there is any evidence of Scammer behavior we immediately cancel the Scammer’s membership, place him/her in Scammer Prison and notify every member ever in contact with the Scammer that he/she has been found to be a scammer and all communication should be terminated.

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We receive praise daily for our efforts to protect our members.

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