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Marie Curie was the first truly famous woman scientist in the modern world. in research science in Europe and the first woman professor at the Sorbonne.

She was known as the "Mother of Modern Physics" for her pioneer work in research about radioactivity, a word she coined. She discovered and isolated polonium and radium, and established the nature of radiation and beta rays.

Years later, Marie and Pierre's granddaughter married the grandson of the scientist which whom she may have had the affair.

She spent some time as a governess, and in 1891 followed her sister, already a gynecologist, to Paris. She graduated in first place in physics (1893), then, on a scholarship, returned for a degree in mathematics in which she took second place (1894). They were married on July 26, 1895, in a civil marriage. Marie Curie continued work on her research and began work as a physics lecturer at a girls' school.Radiation poisoning from working with radioactive substances had begun to take a toll, though the Curies did not know it or were in denial of that.They were both too sickly to attend the 1903 Nobel ceremony in Stockholm.Marie Curie spent the next years organizing her research, supervising the research of others, and raising funds. Early in 1911, Marie Curie was denied election to the French Academy of Sciences by one vote.Emile Hilaire Amagat said of the vote, "Women cannot be part of the Institute of France." Marie Curie refused to have her name resubmitted for nomination and refused to allow the Academy to publish any of her work for ten years. Nevertheless, that same year Marie Curie was appointed director of the Marie Curie Laboratory, part of the Radium Institute of the University of Paris, and of the Institute for Radioactivity in Warsaw, and she was awarded a second Nobel Prize.

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She put her prize winnings into war bonds and fitted ambulances with portable x-ray equipment for medical purposes, driving the vehicles to the front lines.