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If I could have proposed there (a week after meeting her), I might have.

She's insistent on paying for half of meals, and even sneaks away to do it sometimes. If we end up with career prospects in the same city, I'd marry the girl in a heartbeat.

Because too much food is better than not enough food, or even just-the-right-amount food. Do you want to lay down for a little bit of nap first? Unlike in English, where it’s just grandma or aunt or uncle, in Chinese, each family member gets a different name depending on the relationship to her. Expect any outing to end with a fight for the bill, an act that the Chinese takes very seriously.

Even if the food is delicious and you’re starving, you’d best pace yourself. And if they see that you’re not eating, that most certainly means you don’t like the food. (You can go to any restaurant and observe this phenomenon.

She wants to get married and have a family, but she isn't in any hurry to do so.

She started a business, is a partner in another one, and a key employee in a third. I've never had to fight so hard for a bill in my life.

I get about three weeks of enjoyment out of it and then she just becomes a burden: an expensive, unopinionated princess.

It really only consists of my small immediate family of four.

And even then, the only family member D has met was my mom, over a couple of quick meals.

Jessica tells Eddie, "I suppose you don't have to date someone who is Chinese, she just has to act Chinese," and she's delighted when Eddie points out the real Alison, who's the first chair piccolo player!

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