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Take a quantity of uranium-238 and in 4.5 billion years half of it will have turned into lead-206.

When molten rock hardens into a solid, the uranium-238 within it begins to decay.

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Diego Ramirez-Diaz, Daniela García-Soriano, Ana Raso, Petra Schwille and co-workers show that Fts Z, the primary protein of the bacterial Z ring that guides cell division, when artificially targeted to the membrane in the absence of its normal membrane anchor Fts A, self-assembles to form dynamic chiral rings in manner dependent on surface concentration.

Huizhong Feng and Brent Stockwell explore three unsolved mysteries about the process of lipid peroxidation that drives cell death by ferroptosis, and how these may illuminate new therapeutic strategies and regulatory mechanisms.

You will never find a Neanderthal bone in the same stratum as a Tyrannosaurus rex bone.

because science is about refining our understanding of the truth.

The Theory of Evolution is strong enough that nearly half these examples could be disproved and the evidence would still be fairly overwhelming.

The continents drift at a rate of a few centimeters a year and the distance between the Americas and Africa is 455,000,00 centimeters.

There are matching fossils on both sides of where the continents appear to have split apart.

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Cynognathus, a Triassic land reptile, fossils are found in South America and Africa.