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One early theory of the origin of Polynesians is that they came from South America and sailed west eventually reaching the Polynesian triangle.

This was proposed by the archaeologist, writer, and explorer Thor Heyerdahl, who even constructed a Polynesian outrigger canoe and, with a team, sailed it west of Easter Island from the South American coast.

The western part of Polynesia was settled between 30 BC by people from Taiwan via the Philippines as well as parts of New Guinea.

Eastern Polynesia was settled beginning around 900 AD as Polynesian voyagers began to set out from Tonga and Samoa and other islands of western Polynesia to settle the Hawaiian Islands, New Zealand, and Easter Island, among other islands of the region.

'It'll be nice to go home and hopefully find my Polynesian man,' she said.

Oceania was the last region to be settled by humans and the last part of Oceania to be settled by humans was Polynesia.

The genes associated with Native American ancestry are much older, suggesting a date closer to the 13th-15th centuries AD for these elements entering the genes of the Rapa Nui.

The 53-year-old left the show just months into the controversial experiment claiming 'the differences between us are too vast'.

John left a note for Deb, who did not appear too upset by his decision to leave.

One major question today is where did the Polynesians originally come from?

Several theories have been proposed over the years, but one which is gaining ground is that the Polynesians originated from Taiwan, parts of Papua New Guinea, and Southeast Asia.

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