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The night before, Kayla friended him with a message saying she always saw him in the hall and wanted to say hi, but she was too call New Berlin Eisenhower middle and high school "Ike," and they call the town of New Berlin "the Bubble," because, they say, as teenagers in suburbs everywhere say: "Nothing ever happens here." On the map, New Berlin forms a neat six-by-six-mile square in the southeast corner of Waukesha County, which prides itself on being one of the most politically conservative of Wisconsin's seventy-two counties.

Most of the town's 39,000 residents are middle-class professionals, remnants of Milwaukee's white flight in the 1960s and '70s or descendants of local farming families.

But now enjoy the report and see what other Haskellers have been up to lately.

The report has been somewhat restructured, so if you do not find your favourite entry at once: please check the table of contents again; maybe the entry is just elsewhere than where you last saw it.

If for some entry you think a different place in the report would be more appropriate, please give sign for next time.

The channel has continued to grow in the last six months, now averaging around 420 users, with a record 479 users (up from 436 six months ago). The irc channel is home to hpaste and lambdabot (→6.8.1), two useful Haskell bots.

Point your IRC client to There are plenty of academic papers about Haskell and plenty of informative pages on the Haskell Wiki (→1.1).

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