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Credit: Emanuel Dunand / AFP/Getty Images PS4 is finally here.Sony delivered its next-generation console plans to the world Wednesday, debuting the Play Station 4 during an event in New York City."Providing financial options that allow a new generation to pursue their passion is a dream I've had since I began competing.Giving young people the tools to discover their grit, pursue their dreams and overcome obstacles is an incredible honor." Scholarships will be awarded twice each year, in the Spring and Fall, and winners must participate in an enrichment activity within six months of receipt of the scholarship.Remote play: What’s good for Nintendo is apparently good for Sony.Announcing remote play between the PS4 and Play Station Vita, Sony leapfrogged one of the competing Wii U’s selling points: the ability to take a full-fledged console game off the television and onto a mobile device.So let’s run through the biggest announcements, and absences, from Sony’s major conference.

What the game looks like on console hardware, and what the reconfigured interface looks like will be unveiled next month at PAX East.

Utilizing Gaikai’s streaming software, the PS4 will act as a server, and the Vita as a client.

The ultimate goal, according to Gaikai Chief Executive David Perry, is to make “every PS4 game playable on the Play Station Vita.” How PS4 games, which use a controller with more buttons than the Vita has, will work with such a transition remains unknown.

No backward capability…yet: The PS4 won’t be able to play PS2 or PS3 games, it’s true.

But Sony’s stated hope is that eventually, by utilizing the cloud and the PS4’s existing streaming abilities, that emulation of the entire Play Station line’s library of games will be possible at some point.

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